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Introductory Seminars for Physical Therapists

Sean Gallagher, PT has been working with Northeast Seminars Inc. offering introductory workshops to Authentic Pilates™ exercise for Physical Therapists for the past 12 years. These classes are taught by Sean Gallagher, PT, Director of The New York Pilates Studio® and RDG, LLC. who has been a Certified Authentic Pilates™ Instructor since 1991. Courses are offered in many locations across the United States. If you are interested in hosting one these courses at your physical therapy center contact Sean Gallagher, P.T. at (212) 245-7278 ext 101.

If you are a Physical Therapist interested in attending an introductory workshop contact Northeast Seminars at (603) 329-6117 or e-mail info@neseminars.com.