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A brief overview of the certification process:

The certification process consists of two phases: academic study through the Seminar Series and experiential training through the Apprenticeship Program.

Phase One: : The Seminar Series is designed to teach the philosophical, technical, and pedagogical aspects of Authentic Pilates™. Students are taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level movements for each apparatus. The movements are demanding, and you must be in good physical condition to participate. You must also be relatively active with decent flexibility and some sense of your body.

The Seminar Series: Offered in two different formats, depending on the location of the certifying center. Applicants choose one of the following formats to apply for:

Systems Courses: Consists of three different courses, which are each three days long, covering the Beginner System, Intermediate System and Advanced System.

12 Day Intensive: A seminar completed in 12 consecutive days covering the Beginner through Advanced System material.

Phase Two: The Apprentice Program. This program requires a total of 600 apprenticeship hours with a U.S.P.A.™ certified instructor in a Certification Center. The Apprenticeship is required for all formats.

Phase 1 (First 200 hrs): Observation & Practice
Phase 2 (Second 200 hrs): Assisting a certified Pilates Guild™ Instructor
Phase 3 (Third 200 hrs): Teaching solo under the supervision of a certified Pilates Guild™ Instructor.

Exams are given at the completion of each phase. Progression through each phase develops your teaching skills and is completed according to your own schedule and that of the center. The apprenticeship must be finished in one year. Permission to extend an apprenticeship beyond one year is only given in extreme hardship cases.