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The Pilates Guild®

Since 1990 The Pilates Guild® has been an international organization dedicated to the preservation of Authentic Pilates™ passed on and continued through the New York Pilates Studio® and the The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification program . Under the direction of Sean Gallagher, PT and with the most comprehensive archival documentation available, Mr. Gallagher seeks to maintain Authentic Pilates in its purest form by:

  • Licensing the New York Pilates Teacher Certtification Program to the USPA
  • Serving as an umbrella for all USPA and Guild certified teachers and members
  • Providing support in areas of education, counsel and public promotion
  • Educating the public and fostering consciousness through movement
  • Upholding the philosophy and principles set forth by Joseph and Clara Pilates
The purpose of the Pilates Guild® is to maintain a recognizable foundation for licensed, Certified Instructors and an international network whose collective work is consistent and of the highest quality. The Guild provides toll-free referral services for Certified Instructors and studios, insurance for individual instructors, discounts on merchandise and equipment, educational materials and marketing support.

A Certified Instructor's membership in the Pilates Guild® is maintained by yearly payment of dues, fulfilling continuing education requirements, adhering to the Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and a signed membership agreement.

The New York Pilates Studio®, The USPA and The Pilates Guild® are in a unique position to transmit the teachings of Joseph Pilates through our teacher certification program. Because the Pilates Guild® links its trademarks with its Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and quality control, the public can be sure that their Certified Instructor meets these standards.