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Why should I get certified?

Every day we receive calls from people considering a career as a certified teacher in Authentic Pilates™. Many callers have the impression that only dancers or the superfit would make good teachers.

Actually, if you are dedicated to your own health and fitness, are willing to work hard, and enjoy helping others reach their own potential, then you will probably make an excellent teacher! In the following article, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the certification process.

With the current competition and hype in the fitness industry, consumers are becoming more educated and more wary about engaging in an exercise program. Safety of our clients and teachers is of primary concern. Authentic Pilates™ involves more than 500 specifically designed movements performed on five major pieces of unique apparatus. We require that a teacher learn about anatomy and the correct way to perform each movement so that the maximum benefit is derived, safely for each individual taking a session.

Secondarily, but also very important, is the credibility that you will have in the marketplace over teachers of other body conditioning techniques who have spent much less time training, particularly if you explain to your clients the rigorous certification process and history of the system. And don't forget that after over seventy years in the U.S., Authentic Pilates™ has with stood the test of time, particularly for dancers and athletes. With the integration of control, breathing, flexibility, strength, precision, and body awareness, this method is popular with all ages and fitness levels.